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About Geopehuen

We are an innovative geological services company specialized in mineral exploration and geology in Latin America.

We have highly qualified personnel with more than 20 years’ experience in the mining industry with the capacity to generate, develop and manage exploration projects according to our clients’ needs. We understand that our clients sometimes require an integrated service, and for that reason we offer services in mineral prospecting and exploration, borehole logging, geology and geophysics, administration and project management, logistics and additional services. This positions us among the most competitive companies in the region.

The talent, dedication and commitment of our professionals in the various fields enable us to provide optimal management and a transparent, reliable, verifiable and confidential response to our clients. Our professionals work according to a Code of Ethics based on our mission and vision.

We contribute to mining activities with respect for the environment and local communities, conscious of their importance as an engine of economic and social development in the communities where we operate.

Our Team

GEOPEHUEN has a team of professionals and technicians with a deep and varied trajectory in the mining industry. Our staff of experts with more than 20 years of experience is composed of geologists, geophysicists, mining technicians and a mining-specialized finance and administrative professional. Our collective experience ranges from the prospecting to production phases, with emphasis on mineral exploration, an area in which we specialize.

In addition we have an extensive network of contacts that allows us to assemble the most appropriate team to respond to the needs of our customers.


    • Develop projects in Latin America through integrated geological advice, always efficiently meeting objectives in production, quality, safety, community and environmental commitments, providing our clients with technical and competitive options.
    • Position ourselves as the best option due to our industry experience, quality of service and resource optimization.


    • Provide integrated high-quality advice for the mining sectors at all stages of development through the experience of our qualified professionals in our various areas of service.
    • Position ourselves as a leading service company through continuous updating of our procedures and constant improvement of our operations and protocols.
    • Operate with environmental commitment and respect for local communities, delivering on objectives with operational excellency.
    • Deliver reliable results verifiable under international market norms, maintaining generated information in the strictest confidence and security.